The offer of Podlaska Broker’s bureau is addressed to both companies and individuals, which we present to the insurance companies. On the client’s behalf we negotiate for the best conditions and the lowest payment. Our service does not end only in the provision of insurance policy. We offer a wide range of additional services. In particular: the elimination of damages, management fees and the expiry of the insurance policy, appeal procedures in case of understating or refusal to pay compensation.

We approach every insurance case very seriously and professionally. Our team always sends requests only for specialized insurance companies which are able to satisfy the demands of our clients. Due to this, we compare the price of a particular insurance case in various insurance companies, as well as check the insurance coverage. It allows choosing the most advantageous insurance offer for you.

The insurance broker is an independent insurance intermediary. He works in accordance with the provisions of the insurance mediation on 22 May 2003. The insurance broker represents the client, unlike the agent who represents the insurance company. Broker is the client’s assistant. The role of the broker is to choose and present to the client the best option for insurance and find a company that for a given risk provide the best terms and the lowest rates. Insurance brokers act in the interests of the client, whose interest is placed first.

The broker acts on behalf of the insured and in his interests known as “brokering”. The broker acts on the basis of the power of attorney issued to him by the client and to the extent specified in the order. Broker leads brokerage activities connected with the conclusion of insurance contracts and participation in the management and implementation of insurance contracts, as well as issues related to compensation.

Advantages of working with a broker

Possibility of including all clients’ risks of a united, coherent and consistent insurance program developed by an expert, namely:

  • There are no “holes” in the protection of assets and contingent liabilities
  • No double insurance, which increases the cost
  • Rationalization of the sum insured (for example, by using the overall limit or compulsory insurance for different units)
  • Full control of the insured funds (growth, relevance and use)

Reducing the cost of the program due to wholesale purchase insurance and rationalizing the specified amount (limits) insurance.

Office services of the client’s insurance transferred to the broker. (Saving time of other members. The ability to do other tasks.) – Advantages, as a rule, are clearly visible only in the second or third year of the broker’s work.

No additional costs for mediation and counseling. Opportunity to create additional jobs, which are not to be paid in the company’s budget. Current check of the insured value. The elimination of underinsurance and excess insurance assets. Vehicle insurance. Optimization of group employee insurance.



The basis for cooperation with our company is a power of attorney – the order allowing us to run on behalf of the client and provide a full range of brokerage services.

  1. Make up a cooperation agreement or the client gives us the power of attorney.
  2. The client provides us with the necessary data in order to make a brokerage request.
  3. After consultation with the client and his consent we make a request to the insurance companies and discuss the scope of protection, payment terms, the elimination of the damage and insurance payments.
  4. We analyze and compare the offers of insurance companies. The best (beneficial) proposal we present to the client and he therefore remains the final decision.
  5. After the final amendments and adoption the broker gives the order to the insurance company about the statement of the insurance policy, takes it and gives it to the client.
  6. The insurance process is controlled and modified if needed.
  7. On the threshold of the expiry of insurance policy the broker informs the client about insurance confirmation in order to prepare the next tender for the resumption of insurance protection.


The services of Podlaska Broker’s bureau are free. In accordance with the Law on Insurance Activity brokers’ bureaus are paid by the insurance companies for insurance contracts – the so-called “brokerage”.