Compulsory and voluntary insurance

Compulsory insurance (CI) – the insurance, which is introduced by the law. Today, it also includes the following types of insurance:

  • CI of vehicle owners for damage caused due to the movement of these vehicles
  • CI of farmers and farm
  • CI of farm buildings against fire and other hazards

Other compulsory types of insurance in accordance with the requirements of the laws of the Republic of Poland, regulations or ratified international agreements, notably:

  • CI of lawyers
  • CI of authorized persons conducting an audit and financial reporting
  • CI of real estate appraiser
  • CI of real estate manager
  • CI of real estate agent
  • CI during the implementation of agency activities
  • CI for brokering
  • CI for the operator of nuclear installations
  • CI of architects and construction engineers
  • CI of notaries
  • CI of attorneys
  • CI of proprietary agents
  • CI of entrepreneurs for the damage caused during the search activity
  • CI of entities engaged in tax consulting
  • CI of a qualified provider of certification service
  • CI of bailiffs
  • CI of the investigator and the sponsor
  • CI of the clients engaged in tour operator and travel agency activities
  • CI for business activities in the hunting area

Voluntary insurance – are any other types of insurance, except for those mentioned above. Such insurance may conclude both physical and legal persons. Depending on the insurance subject, the client can make a selection by the degree and type of insurance.

All types of insurance, even compulsory – require an agreement between the insurance company and the person concerned!

Property and personal insurance

Personal insurance – ensure the financial needs arising from certain events in a person’s life, such as illness, disability or death. According to Art. OF THE CODE 829 private insurance is divided into:

  • Life insurance – death of the insured person or the attainment of a certain age.
  • Personal accident insurance – injury, sudden health problems or death in an accident.

Property insurance – according to Art. Of the Code 821 is intended to cover property detriment, resulting in damage. The distribution of this insurance depends on the object of insurance and the type of risk.