CI (compulsory insurance) of communications – is the insurance, the size of which is regulated by the Law on compulsory insurance, Guarantee Insurance Fund and Motor Insurers Bureau of Poland. It means that every insurance company must comply with all terms of insurance.

  • Auto – Casco – insurance that covers the repair costs of the vehicle in case of damage. And in the case of theft, the insurer usually pays compensation for the market value of the vehicle.
  • NNW of drivers and passengers – it is a personal accident insurance for drivers and passengers of the vehicle.
  • Giving help – it may include the cost of towing the vehicle in the country and abroad, the cost of roadside assistance and hotel accommodation for the duration of the repair.


  • Insurance against fire and other emergency situations – insurance basis includes the following cases: fire, lightning, explosion, falling air transport (a part of it or a cargo). In addition, the range of insurance covers such events as the fall of trees, masts, flood, acts of precipitation, flood, hurricane, depending on the needs of the insured.
  • Insurance against theft and robbery – this insurance reimburses the damages for stolen property and repair in case of damage to the property.
  • Insurance of cash on the territory and transport – the insurance covers the funds that are on the territory of the insured, as well as cash at the time of their transfer (transportation) to the bank.
  • Insurance of stationary and mobile equipment – it can be insured not only against emergencies such as fire, lightning, explosion, flood, etc., but can also include such events as an earthquake, falling during transport, theft, robbery and others. Portable electronic equipment, are insured under the same conditions, as well as stationary equipment, along with the fact that the place of insurance is not restricted by the place of insured objects. Devices such as laptops, cameras and other insured in the following cases: theft from a vehicle, burglary dwelling or other place.
  • Insurance of windows and other items from being damaged – it includes the following damages: stained-glass windows, lamps, or billboards.

Liability insurance
A) CI of economical activity – includes protection activities of business entities according to PKD (Polish Classification of Activities). The list includes:

  • CI civil – it covers damage caused by the insured to the third parties on the basis of his guilt.
  • CI contract – this insurance covers damage caused by the third party as a result of non-compliance with the contract (requirements) or improper compliance of the contract. The last condition for incurring liability through insurance – damage to property or person caused to the third party as a result of non-compliance with the contract (requirements) or improper compliance of the contract.
  • CI of the product (thing) – it covers damage caused by third parties through produced or put into the turnover the property of the insured.
  • CI of the employer – aimed at business protection from the negative financial consequences and claims by its employees, as a result of damage caused to them due to an accident at work.
  • CI of leaseholder – connected with the damage or destruction of the leased (including leased) and mobile (e.g. cars, electronic equipment) or real estate.
  • CI of landlord – it compensates the damage caused by the insured in his rented apartment.
  • CI for environmental damage – it covers damages resulting from emission of pollutants.

B) CI of professional liability – it covers damage caused during the performance of the professional duties such as a lawyer, real estate agent, insurance broker.

C) CI of company directors (liability insurance for directors and managers) – this type of insurance can protect you from claims of creditors or fund holders for the improper performance of duties.

Finance Insurance

  • Insurance guarantees – in contrast to the bank guarantees they increase the liquidity of the company. The tender procedure can replace the deposit paid in cash, and after signing the contract, can replace the proper fulfillment of the contract and removal of defects, which are paid in cash. Other types of guarantees are – the rental guarantee, excise guarantees payment of the customs debt.
  • Trade Credit Insurance – provides great freedom in the choice of clients to pay for goods, services or goods with deferred payment.
  • Loss of profits Insurance – compensation from this insurance covers losses incurred by the permanent establishment, and the planned net profit in the period, when the company cannot normally thrive, for example, after a fire or as a result of failure of the machine.

Technical insurance

  • Construction and installation insurance – are covered all construction and assembly risks on behalf of the contractor, investor and existing property.
  • Car insurance and construction equipment – insurance covered cars and construction equipment such as excavators, cranes, scaffolding in the case, for example, operating errors during maintenance, fire, lightning, etc.

Agricultural insurance

  • Farmer’s Liability Insurance – compulsory insurance which covers damage caused by a farmer to a third person.
  • Crop Insurance – covers damage to crops caused by rainfall, storms and frosts.
  • Animal insurance – insurance can cover damage caused by the death or slaughter of the cattle, as well as in terms of random events (e.g., fire, flood).
  • Insurance of farm buildings – a voluntary or compulsory insurance of buildings included in the farm against fire and other hazards.

ACCIDENT INSURANCE – is intended to compensate for the consequences of accidents (for example, a broken leg, burns). Compensation is paid in the amount of damage for each 1% health damage.

HEALTH INSURANCE – allows treatment in private hospitals with which the insurance company has signed a service contract. The scope of insurance may include a visit to a general practitioner, visiting other different specialists, hospital treatment and dental treatment.

Cargo Insurance – covers the insured property or the property of others, transported cargo on the insured risk. The volume of insurance also covers damage, theft, destruction, loss of goods.

  • National
  • Foreign
  • Surface transport
  • Air transport
  • Maritime transport

Legal protection insurance – covers the cost of hiring a lawyer to represent the interests of the insured person before the court.

Insurance of medical expenses in the foreign business trips – covers the cost of treatment abroad and the hospital cost of transportation from the hospital to the country, the cost of out-patient study, the cost of family visits, legal fees, purchase of medicines, etc.